I am so glad you are here!

You have come to the right place if you believe living a balanced, mindful, productive, and happy life is an interesting and worthwhile pursuit. 

I believe a well balanced and well lived life is a successful life.  My blog posts might find you laughing, nodding your head in recognition, or simply feeling a bit lighter and inspired. Maybe you will even learn something. I feel like I learn something new every day.

My constant goals in life are to be balanced, mindful, productive, and happy. Would you care to join me? You can receive posts by email or like my Facebook page.

 I believe we should all aspire to be the best versions of ourselves.  This is the catalyst for my writing. I like to learn, grow, and be as happy and thankful as possible.

I love to travel and here are a few photos of the Art Institute of Chicago. One of my favorite museums to visit!IMG_3630 IMG_3633






I post things that I hope others will find useful. It’s fun having a blog because I can write when I want, and I have a lot of freedom regarding what to write.

Often I post original pieces I have written. Usually the theme is based on some observation or lesson I have learned. Sometimes I just post things that make me happy.

IMG_4909     I also post book reviews. I love books! Along with my lab, Sam, they are usually my constant companion. I also love writing journals and a good pen. I have worked with May Designs and CreateSpace through Amazon to create my own line of journals. Here are my theme based writing journals on Amazon (Just click on the highlighted text). I love these and write in them every day.

Thanks for sharing some of your time with me. Feel to subscribe, or you can “like” my Facebook page and receive posts that way.