For You

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!!

 Love in the Morning

by Annie Finch

Morning’s a new bird
stirring against me
out of a quiet nest,
coming to flight—

breath-filling body,

clean as clear water,

kindling companion,

mystery and mountain,


Spirits Uplifted

It is Sunday morning. I wasn’t sure what time it was when I awoke but I felt rested; and when I glanced over at the shutters in our bedroom, there was a little light peaking through. I decided to get up and take the dogs for a walk.

The moon was still out, but the sun was coming up too. I headed out with the dogs and I could just sense that I didn’t feel peaceful, happy, or content. I thought about my day and didn’t feel much joy. I thought about happiness and wondered why I always seek it.

The route I take to the nature walk goes right by the nursing home. I saw the gentleman who always waves when he sees us walk by. He was busy eating breakfast with his friends and he didn’t look up. I waved a few times but he wasn’t looking out the window. I decided to walk right up to the window and tap. He looked up and I gave him a big smile and waved.

As I kept walking I thought about how I should be thankful. I am able to walk and jog with my dogs. I have the mental and physical strength to do this. All of the sudden I realized that all last year I spent a year chronicling my life. Specifically, writing down every day what made me happy. I had learned through this process that for me the key to feeling happy was to live in the moment and be thankful. I know this, but I forget to apply it sometimes.

As soon as I realized this forgotten truth, I tried it. I thought about what I was doing that very moment. I was outside, which I love. I was surrounded by nature, which I love. I was with my dog, which I love. Soon I hit the country road and I could see the moon was still up. I was heading west and I could see the sky turning lighter and bluer. I saw clouds that looked like white cotton candy someone had stretched out as far as it could be stretched. When I turned around and headed back east, I saw the sun was rising. It was just above the small town I live in. It looked like the rays were shining down specifically on just my town.

I was thankful that my aging dog still runs and looks like a young dog. I was thankful to feel my body move: strong, able, alive.

I arrived home with a completely different mindset than the one I left with. My spirits felt uplifted.

Today I will do my best to live moment to moment and I will be paying attention to all things I can give thanks for. Right now I am very thankful.

What I’ve Learned From My Dog

Happy Friday.

I was ordering pictures from January and I came across this picture I had taken of my dog.

To me, this picture speaks volumes.

Here are a few things my dog has taught me:

-Live in the moment

-A walk every day is a great thing

-Sometimes people just need you to be there

-Being physically close to someone can be comforting, especially when you just sense they need the extra support

-Eat enthusiastically

-You can say a lot without words

-Take a nap or rest anytime you can

-But, always be ready to go!

-Leave the room if things get heated (confrontation can be avoided at times)

-Our outside appearance may appear to be aging, but we are youthful inside

-Be love


An Inspiring and Timely Book

What a terrific book! One of my daughters instantly came to mind when I was first introduced to this book. I thought she would appreciate the stories it contains. I, of course, was intrigued as well.

The collection of stories in this book come from every continent on earth and illustrate the incredible lives of women who have pushed boundaries, showed fearlessness, and paved the way for all women in the past, present, and future.

How about this for an intro.? “Close your eyes and picture a pirate. Now picture a spy. Imagine a president. A warrior in battle. A great painter. A soccer player. A pharaoh. The women in this book are all these things, and more.”

Forty women are highlighted in this book. The stories range from 4,300 years ago to today. Each piece is easy to read and nicely illustrated.

This is a well done book that could appeal to almost any reader: male, female, young, and old. The stories within are inspirational, moving, and leave the reader in awe of what can be accomplished in life.

Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review.