A Blank Canvas?

The new year is approaching and I always enjoy reflecting back on the past year and thinking about how I hope the new year will be. I wondered how many journals I filled last year and I found four. I didn’t do this on purpose, but they are all ones that I created and are on sale on Amazon. This is so cool to me! Still kind of a dream come true.

I was thinking about each day being like a blank canvas. I was trying to imagine what paint I would use; what kind of picture I would paint. How would I want each new day to unfold? My mind went blank pretty fast. I am not a painter, although someday I would like to paint a lovely picture.

What came to mind rather quickly was that I could write a story about my day. This appeals to me. I adhere to the belief that our thinking dictates our experience. I always say that if you want a different experience, change your thinking.

I am aware that we tell ourselves certain stories; that we believe set things about ourselves and others. Just the idea that we can tell a different story seems hopeful.

To be mindful, to simplify, to be in a constant state of gratitude – these are some of my goals.

I hope you carve out some time for yourself to think about how you would like your new year to be. I hope everything unfolds for you beautifully. Why not? Why not have the best year of your life?

Happy New Year!