The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, most of us start thinking about what we should get for our moms and what we might want for ourselves. Several years back I started a Mother’s Day tradition with my children. I told them all I wanted for Mother’s Day was for them to write me a hand written note or letter. I keep them in an album.

It is so much fun to look back and see what they wrote and how their handwriting and ideas have changed over the years. Their notes and letters mean the world to me. There is something about seeing ideas and thoughts put down on paper that makes it seem real and lasting. Don’t get me wrong, I love gifts, but their words are priceless to me, and the gift lasts. Every year I read over what they wrote from the years past. I am very grateful.

In a world that sometimes seems to be moving faster and faster, knowing that someone you love took the time to slow down, think of you, and honestly tell you how much you mean to them – that’s a pretty wonderful gift.

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

  1. I ordered my mom a pair of nerdy quotation mark earrings since I knew she’d been eyeing my own pair, but they got to her quicker than I expected — and then she went and opened them right when they came in the mail! I reminded her to remember them tomorrow 🙂

    1. I bet she’s enjoying them! How thoughtful and observant of you. It’s wonderful when someone notices what we like and then gets us that item.

  2. I try to explain to our adult daughter why I like receiving a card for my birthday and for Mothers Day – she thinks a phone call is more personal, but for me it’s reading (and re-reading) those precious words that makes me really feel loved. I have so many of my kids’ cards saved – you can’t save a phone call.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Recently, my daughter’s strength and weights coach retired from her school and I asked all the girls he had coached over the years to write notes to him. It was so neat! I put them all in a book and my daughter gave it to me. He will treasure it for years. Tell your daughter she can write you a note in your card and then follow up with a phone call. Win, win!;-)

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