If Only I Could Be Like a Man Sometimes


It was Saturday morning and I was hogging the bathroom (what’s new?) and I was running out of time. My daughter and her friend needed to be taken up to the high school for a volleyball tournament and I didn’t have the time to take them. I had 15 minutes before I needed to be in the car and heading to another town for a hair appointment.

I asked my husband to take them. He is so good about things like this. I had things like working on my eyebrows and lashes and finishing up my makeup – really important things, you know.

He got home and we had less than 5 minutes before we needed to be on the road. We had my hair appointment and then a road trip to a city several hours away for a big concert (5 bands!!). I hated to rush him since I was the one who hadn’t let him have access to the shower, bathroom, closet, etc. But, I had to tell him we really needed to get on the road…..now!

He was in and out and we were on the road in under five minutes. What?!? How do men do that? He hadn’t given a thought about what to wear. (He wore jeans and a black shirt and sneakers.) He was clean and dressed and ready to roll.

I don’t believe I will ever accomplish this, but wouldn’t it be nice??

5 thoughts on “If Only I Could Be Like a Man Sometimes

  1. Hello Tomi,

    Do you know, I have no problem with this whatsoever! I don’t wear makeup which probably helps in the first place, and if I need to be out in seconds I can usually manage it. A quick change of clothes, quick brush of hair, nip to the loo and I’m off. If it is a posh event I do put a bit of mascara on and a dab of perfume, but that’s about it.

    My daughter’s much fussier. The works. But I’m so laid back, I’m horizontal! And I’m not unattractive, either.

    Anyway, on that note, take a look at my blog, and you can decide that for yourself. :

    Jo UK

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