What I’ve Learned From My Dog

Happy Friday.

I was ordering pictures from January and I came across this picture I had taken of my dog.

To me, this picture speaks volumes.

Here are a few things my dog has taught me:

-Live in the moment

-A walk every day is a great thing

-Sometimes people just need you to be there

-Being physically close to someone can be comforting, especially when you just sense they need the extra support

-Eat enthusiastically

-You can say a lot without words

-Take a nap or rest anytime you can

-But, always be ready to go!

-Leave the room if things get heated (confrontation can be avoided at times)

-Our outside appearance may appear to be aging, but we are youthful inside

-Be love


6 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From My Dog

  1. We have a geriatric dog whose days are growing short. We’ve decided that he’ll be our last dog (at least for a while) but we know we’ll miss him when he’s gone. It’s amazing what our pets teach us about life and love.

    1. You are so right. They teach us unconditional love and to appreciate the now. I tell my husband that when my dog passes away we most likely won’t get anymore. He doesn’t think I could live without a dog! We will see…..

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