Hope this post finds you enjoying your summer. It’s been so nice to relax and take in some of the fun of this time of year. The main word I chose for 2017 was contentment

Now, that’s an interesting word. Some people might think it means being complacent or settling. I don’t think of it that way at all. I think contentment is akin to satisfaction. Most people I know would like to feel satisfied in their lives.

So far so good, not being online much has been great. I have had to spend the mornings at my desk working on a class I am creating for the college I teach for. It’s actually fun though, and I like the feeling of having a purpose and accomplishing something.

I wouldn’t say my book has stalled out, but I would say it’s not a high priority. When I do work on it, I enjoy it. However, most days I just would rather be outside than inside writing.

Family time is fantastic. The days are longer and this summer we have less activity than past summers. I have enjoyed this very much. Having time for friends is important too.

So, I am just checking in. Hoping that those that read my posts regularly (as always, thanks for that!) are taking the time to enjoy themselves this summer.

Here are a few pictures you might enjoy……

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