Love Being Love

I was out early this morning, and as I often do, I observe my surroundings as I pass by things. I saw what looked like an abandoned house. It was a small house with red siding. There were overgrown bushes along the front of the house and weeds coming up by the two front steps that led to an old, dirty door, with cracked paint and a broken window pane.

What caught my eye, though, were the beautiful pink flowers tucked neatly inside an edged flower bed to the right of the door. They were perfect. So pretty and bountiful.

I thought how the flowers didn’t know where they were blooming. They were just there to do their job.

This made me think of love being love. Just like most dogs. They are love because they express love. I think that’s why so many people love their dogs. Many people will tell you they like their dogs better than people. Think about it. Who give you such unconditional love? No matter what our flaws may be, they still love us. They love us a lot.

I wonder if we could be more like the flowers and the loving pets. Can we just be love?

6 thoughts on “Love Being Love

  1. Truth! And the perfect post for a Sunday morning. If what you suggest was truly possible—can we just be love?—it would indeed be a perfect world. Wishing you love and happiness this Sunday morning, Tomi!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I appreciate your comment and it does seem like often we receive back what we send out. Happy Sunday to you!

  2. I always say it is important to just stop and appreciate the beautiful things in life. Recognizing and smelling the roses are a must. The world is so beautiful and can be full of love..

  3. That is so true! Maybe us humans think too much? This is another inspirational thought to keep by me for those moments when my thoughts stray into territory that will cause me pain. Thank you once again for the nudge in a more positive direction. I am in a bit of an emotional slump at the moment because of aging parents and far away grandchildren. Using your philosophy, maybe I just need to quietly love them all and accept how things are at this moment in time. And maybe I should get another dog! Thanks for the uplift.

    1. Oh, Gilly ~ Your words, and the love and wisdom behind them, are making me smile. I know I overthink things too much and I have to keep reminding myself to keep things simple. Also, we can never go wrong when we are holding ourselves and others in love. My mom always says that we get more of what we focus on. So the love you have for your parents and grandchildren is where the focus is – that’s terrific! Thanks for reaching out and giving me feedback on what I wrote. We all need that.

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