Catching a Falling Leaf

Standing next to a tree that’s letting go of its cloak of summer,

 Seeing its branches,

Seeing its scars of battles,

And as it lets a tiny piece of clothing fall

to the floor,

You try to catch it…..

it will make you dance like a fool,

diving and twisting,

laughing like a child, unaware as you’re laughing,

forgetting all about your scars and dropping your guard….

When and if you grab one, you’re granted a wish –

You’ll smile and make the most heartfelt wish,

guilt not included.


Author, Chris Warren

4 thoughts on “Catching a Falling Leaf

    1. Lisa,
      You’re welcome! I was thinking of you this past week. We got home last night from a family trip to Florida. We stayed in Orlando. We did the whole Disney World/ Universal Resort experience. We went to six theme parks. We had a blast. We had three teenagers with us. Let me tell, we covered some distance. So fun!
      The first night we made the drive to Cocoa beach. I couldn’t be one hour away and not see the ocean. We drove, stood on the beach, listened to the waves, smiled a lot, picked up a few shells, and then got back in the car and drove back to Orlando.

  1. Love the poem. This is the time of year I miss Canada the most. Our fall is pretty but not as spectacular as Canadian all. But then comes winter and I am thankful for being able to see the grass and not having heaps of snow outside my house for weeks and weeks and weeks….:-)

    1. Gilly,
      It’s my favorite season. It was my dad’s as well. I can say I am not truly looking forward to winter. It has it’s good points: pretty landscapes, turtle necks and boots, and lovely fires. I just don’t like being cold! Have a wonderful week!

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