Maybe We Shouldn’t Be So Concerned

I think all of us care about how we look. Most days we make the effort to clean up and show up. Some days are easier than others, but we usually make the effort.

I think we all wonder what others think about our appearance. We wonder if our outfits look okay, if we are having decent hair days, if our bodies look fit enough, if we look stylish or put together.

The other day I came home from work and went up to my bedroom to change my clothes. I glanced in the mirror by my closet and I noticed I had only one hoop earring in. I love these earrings. I wear them often and I was bummed that I had lost one. I didn’t want to go back out since I had just gotten home, but I decided I should go trace my steps. Maybe I would find it.

I looked inside my car, checked at the gas station and then went back to the school. I was following the exact path from the library to where I had parked my car, and all of the sudden I heard the window open and a friend say, “Are you  lost? Did you lose something?” I started to laugh and told her that I had indeed lost something and I was tracing my steps. She asked if it was a hoop earring. What?!? I hoped it was mine.

It was. She had found it outside of the school office that morning. I was very thankful. Then I started to laugh to myself. I had gone all day with one big hoop earring in. And, apparently no one had noticed. Not a teacher, not a student, not the friend I hugged at the gas station or the clerk who took my money after getting gas.

This made me think that maybe we are too concerned with our appearances. Maybe people aren’t paying that much attention. Sure, we should make an effort to feel good about the way we look, but maybe the most important job is how we are inside. What energy/vibe/emotion are we sending out to the world? Maybe that’s what people see.

Just a thought….thanks for reading and have a great day!

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