Three Secrets to Happiness

I am inviting you to a challenge. Just try it for one day. If it works for you, try it any time that you want to improve your day.

Here is the challenge:

1. Become aware. Look for ANY moment that brings you joy. It can be the slightest thing: the light rain coming down, the laugh of someone you love (the laugh of someone you don’t know, but it makes you laugh – because people laughing is really funny: Contagious laughter compilation), a big smile from a stranger, the smell of baked bread, a song that makes you want to dance, photos (This Is What Happiness Looks Like In One Photo) – you get the picture.

2. Just live in that moment. Appreciate it for as long as the moment lasts.

3. Be thankful that you get to experience this. Have you noticed that often happiness is linked to gratitude or thankfulness? According to an article in HealthLine titled Benefits of Gratitude, ” What if there were a solution to stress that involves nothing more than feeling thankful for the good things in your life? In fact, there is. That solution is called gratitude.”

Even though we often forget it, time is a gift. Today is a gift. How we spend our time is often up to us, but a lot of the time we aren’t aware that we might have a say in how our day turns out.

Take this challenge. If you have any moment that makes you happy, please share it on social media #BeingHappyNowChallenge. You might just make someone else happy.


5 thoughts on “Three Secrets to Happiness

  1. You are right about gratitude and stress. Flipping resentful thoughts round to appreciate the good things we have is a powerful thing to do. Today, I am really thankful I have two good friends who would be very disappointed if I called to cancel our coffee date later this morning. Sometimes I get extremely introverted and feel like shunning the world because of all the hurtful people in it but the flip side is that for every hurtful person, there are thousands of kind ones and I am lucky enough to be meeting two of them today. So why cancel? I must just get out there and be happy for having some lovely friends. Thanks for providing this reminder! 😀

    1. You know what, I am the same way. I am an extroverted introvert. My teenage daughter doesn’t get it when I say this, but it’s true. I often would rather be in my own little world than out in the real world. I have to make myself “show up.” How wonderful that you are thankful for your friends. I bet you had a wonderful time having coffee with your friends. Keep shining!

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