It’s the Little Things….

I bought some new shoes on Black Friday. Actually, I bought two new pairs of tennis shoes (one for casual -think leggings/jeans and one for running). Maybe it’s because I work at an elementary school library, but this song, Pete the Cat/I Love My White Shoes,  just kept running through my mind as I wore them.

I can’t tell you what a lift new shoes did for me. It just made me happy. I hit the road early this morning with my dog. I won’t say it made me a better runner, but it was more fun with new shoes!!

I hope you do something fun for yourself. Sometimes in life it is the little things that bring us joy. If you want to get your groove on, look at this Pete the Cat video. It makes me smile every time I watch it.

Have a terrific day!

4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things….

  1. I agree! Just yesterday I bought new underwear and told my husband, “It sounds silly, but this makes me so happy!” He thought I was nuts. It’s nice to know there’s someone else out there who understands. lol

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